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Corporate Gifts Basics

There are many options and issues when shopping for corporate gifts . Simple gifts such as company pens or notepads are no longer interested by average employees and definitely out for your clients. Business needs a well chosen gift at the right time to quickly secure major deals and team members will be motivated by inspiring incentives in order to speed up project progress.

Whether you are buying gifts for important clients or good employees, keep in mind that gifts should reflect careful consideration of the recipient's tastes. Gifts that fit to their hobbies, interests, or professions may receive the best compliment and the intention you invested will be well remembered for a long time.

General Corporate Gift Ideas

Gifts must be appropriate. People do not judge much about how much you spend on a gift, but are more sensitive of the message passed along with your gift and the way you present the gift. For example, presenting a rose-scented perfume to a female co-worker (not your romantic partner) in office will always lead to disaster that both the time and place to present the gift are wrong and inappropriate in work place. Please refer to corporate gifts for opposite sex for details.

Choosing the right corporate gifts may be a difficult task, but if you have clear idea of your intention and budget, you may perform a much focused search. Neutral gifts in term of its meanings are always good choices in workplaces.

Food and wine are among the most common forms of corporate gifts that will add a little indulgence but will still be well received. Wine accessories are good alternatives to wine or wine basket, especially use as a follow up present to your last wine gift. A set of corkscrews and wine stopper make a great addition to anyone's wet bar or kitchen when comes to open a long awaited bottle of red wine or preserve the wine for later.

Other simple yet practical gifts such as desktop accessories and small electronics will also lead to successful reception. Desktop accessories that add good functional usage will always be welcomed even though it may seem a little old-fashion. Gifts such as pen caddies and paperweight have strong practical uses to make anyone's desktop tidy. Picture frames and fitted desktop glass vases may soften the hard edges of business environment. Desktop clocks are also wonderful as it usually provides a mix of classic tradition and contemporary styles.


Basic Gift Etiquette

Although the value of the gifts should not be overlooked, the manner to present the gifts is equally important. Thing may go completely out of hand if you don't know what you're doing, especially comes to international gift giving etiquette that may be quite different from our American and western tradition.

Make your corporate gifts to have a good first impression is as much important as your overall presentation in your first interview. A sloppy dressed gift package will not get any attention and your message will dissolve right away. Once you have chosen the right gift, putting up a nicely wrapped gift package will be the next important thing to do.

First of all, adding a gift card along with your gift package is always necessary. A personalized message suggests that you have chosen the gift carefully and personally which will make the recipient feel important. A company logo or something that represent the company can also be added appropriately on personal gifts for a little advertisement purpose, but don't overdo it.

Color of the wrapping paper sometimes plays a very important role since different colors mean differently in different cultures. For instance, white means death in Chinese culture, and a gift wrapping in white will be tossed back with cold stares and therefore whatever you are trying to achieve is out of the window for sure. You may also be careful of the color combination of your wrapping paper and the ribbons or bows that some culture is more sensitive when some colors get together. For example, blue and yellow combination is unpleasant combination in many Asian cultures.

Gifts to Executives or Clients

Sending a gift to your clients or other business executives is an excellent gesture of good will and enhancement to your business relationship. Getting something thoughtful and dispatch it at the right stage of the proceedings is important to deliver the right message across for healthy and stronger business relationships.

Appropriateness and well timing are the keys that you much control to have the perfect gift giving experience. Avoid being "too personal" yet the gift is still "personal" enough to let your recipient feel the time you invested in is something that many professionals find hard to control. There is no clear rule of thumb to control this, but are some tips that provide general guideline on gift giving to clients or top executives.

  1. Do not give gifts with your company logo or related graphics all over the gift or wrapping paper. It lacks of personal touch that the gift seems to be a standard gift you give to all of your clients.
  2. Do not give gifts that have a great deal of value, such as money, expensive jewelry or watch, antique, and large stock of anything valuable. Even your clients or business executives did you a very big favor, valuable gifts to him personally will result unexpected problems, e.g. bribery, and usually get rejected right away.
  3. Do not give gifts that may cross the line between professionals, such as romantic gifts to clients in opposite sex that may lead to potential misinterpretation of your intention behind your gift. These kinds of gifts may rapidly sour your business relationship.
  4. Do not give gifts that may cause controversy or embarrassment. Be aware of the cultural or religious background of the recipients, you want to give something that they like, not a gift to be tossed away. Also, many people have their set of no-no items that small jokes may not get the same laughter that your buddy did when you present the gift.
  5. Give the gift only at the most appropriate time. Present it before the finalization of the deal may be viewed as bribery and negatively affects the outcome of the deal as well. Also make sure the appearance of the gift package is as appropriate as the gift itself, especially when giving to clients from different background.
  6. Sometimes, it won't hurt to inform your clients about your intention to present a gift before hand. Ask to arrange an appropriate time and place that your clients felt most comfortable with will avoid any negative impact on your business relationship while getting a big smile from the recipients.
  7. At last, respect your clients. They may be a little polite to not accepting your gift at the first place, try to push a little bit, but never push too much. Your goal for getting a gift to your clients is to show respect and appreciation of what they have done for you, being too forceful may pull you away from this goal.

How To Please Your Boss With Gifts

by: Paromita Chowdhury

Confused?? What to give your Boss on his/her birthday??

Read On::::::::

Birthdays are always special for the person as well as for his/her friends. Friends, relatives and loved ones make the birthday more special with the gifts, cards, flowers and loads of love. It becomes a little difficult to choose the suitable gift for someone special.

Choosing a perfect gift for a perfect someone always depends upon relationships. You should always take care of the depth of your relations before choosing a gift. I've always found it a little difficult to buy gifts for my dear Boss. Yes, he has always been very dear to me. It was my first job and he was my first BOSS in life. He has always been very helpful to me, guiding me towards the right way and teaching me the skills of professionalism. He was caring, understanding yet too professional.

It was the time when I thought of giving him something on his birthday. Well, it was a brainstorming session for me though ultimately I was satisfied to see the special smile on his face. It was a bouquet of YELLOW roses, fresh from the garden and a Pen set. So simple yet these made him delighted.

The next year as his birthday was coming, my mind was again engrossed in thinking about the perfect gift for him. One day as I was talking to him, just asked him what kind of movies he likes to watch. He mentioned "Born-Free" as one of his most favorite ones. Gotchaaa! He didn't have the CD (though he has a large collection of CDs)!

Guess what? I bought that for him. As usual along with a bouquet of yellow roses, I gave him that CD. Ohh.. I remember the way he felt happy while unwrapping it very carefully. His loving smile was the best gift to me at that point of time. Actually, I feel if you want to posses something very dearly and keenly and get that as a GIFT, you would be very happy. Isn't it?

Generally the relation with your Boss is delicate and formal. So, gifts should not be too personal. That was my personal experiences. Now, on the basis of that let me give you some useful tips,

Try it out!!!


  1. Nothing could be compared to books if you know his choice.
  2. Audio CDs and VCDs are also very precious as gifts.
  3. Hey, what about a leather Organizer!! He must be feeling proud of your choice.
  4. A good leather folder would be appropriate to complement his position.
  5. A Shirt ( prefer ladies' choice!!).
  6. Add some special touch with a bouquet of flowers and a real good card.


  1. She might like a good coffee mug.
  2. A smart looking purse could make her smile.
  3. Books!! Yah, I'll again suggest books for her, too.
  4. Is she fond of dogs as pets? What about gifting her a small, lovely puppy in a basket?
  5. A stylish watch can be a good gift.
  6. Any good looking show piece, may be for her home/office.
  7. Don't forget a huge bouquet of roses and a decent card.

These are very few ideas which just came into my mind. I guess there are lots and lots of things to give but be sure they don't be personal enough. For example, you can avoid things like,

  1. Perfumes/Deos.
  2. Dress materials.
  3. Accessories.
  4. Cosmetics.

However, before busying something do a good research and find out something which will be the best for your BOSS. It should be filled with respect, wrapped with care and glittered with admiration. Boss is BOSS after all!!