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Gifts to Women

Buying romantic gifts for women is a difficult task for most men, because most of us sense the harsh situation of choosing a gift is one of the tests that we are most likely fail and the result will forever put us into a column with insensitive idiots. Men are most clueless about the symbolic meaning tagging along with the gift that will be passed to the recipients. Relax, it is not that complicated and important as we have always suspected as it is. Women are generally very forgiving when it comes to understand their rules, as long as we have tried and put our mind on it, we'll be fine. Having said that, we shall now understand that there are probably many different combinations of gifts that are suitable for different stages in a relationship, there still exists somewhat more general rules that men can use to show that we have tried:

Rule #1: Invest time. No matter which stage in a relationship you are in, women appreciate the amount of time men put in for them. Getting her a gift certificates or coupons is sending a dangerous message that you do not care too much for them. A bouquet of flowers is good for beginners, but not to your long time lover: she will think that you are just giving because you have to. Try to sum up a list of things specifically apply to her, read about each item, see if you can get any of them with a perfect romantic gift giving presentation. Write your love message down, make sure to show her that you care a lot about her and you have spent quite sometime to please her with this gift. Remember, if you did all this, and she still doesn't like the gift, she will still be happy that you have spend time to think of her and will generously take the gift and says she appreciated.

Rule #2: Get her specific gifts. Every woman has her own style on pretty much everything, find it and exploit it. Women always love the special things that she has decided for her to go around. Pay more attention to her interests and preferences, her comments, or her actions, there will be something that you can use to help you.

Rule #3: Be a romantic poet. Putting your message in words, it doesn't have to match the perfection of great poets, but enough to provide evidence of your love to her. Moreover, words are coming in levels. Verbal message are well received with smiles, the more people know about the message, the better. Written message will be considered a higher level in term of satisfaction. Women collect love commitments in writing, and claim that these memorable contracts help them remember the reason to keep her relationship going. If you are into poems and love quotes, check out websites such as PoemsForFree.com , where they sorted poems be functionality, or if you're like me, go to LovePoetry.com or Poetry.com 's greatest poem section for some famous love poems or quotes.

Lastly, remember that a gift doesn't have to be expensive, all it needs to do is to pass the message, "I know who you are and I love that in you."


Gifts to Men

Getting gifts for men are quite simple: as long as the gift doesn't embarrass or insult him in front of anyone else, he will be glad to accept it. Whatever the value or the meaning of the gift is unimportant. A man loves most of everything is given to him from his friends and family members. However, there are couples of reminders that you may need to be aware of:

  1. Don't give a guy something against his religious belief: pork for Muslims or fur for Animal lovers, etc.
  2. Don't do outrageous joke, some guy has lower tolerance to practical jokes than others.
  3. Be ready for the abusive uses of some tools you give to him, so if you live with him, think first.
  4. Don't give them something too dangerous, because some guy don't know when and where to stop.
  5. Don't give them something that they are scared of. It may either embarrass them in front of other people, or they will run away.

Be creative and open-minded when giving gifts to men, anything that shows you remembered will do well for your relationship.

How to Find What Women Want

Women will never say or suggest what they really wanted. They drop clues and hints all the time at all sorts of places, but never expect a direct conversation with them to get a clean answer out of them. (If that happens, be suspicious of their answers) When it comes to the time of gifting, they will hide somewhere to watch, and carefully observe how much you, as her men, know about her. The measurement of this is quite simple: they know exactly how many clues they had provided in the past, and they want to see how many you can remember; the closer your count to theirs, the better chance for you to get them the right gift.

  1. There are three main sources of clues that you may want to observe:
    Physical appearances. Their appearance is one of the easiest references you can use. Pay attention to the details about things they like to wear and carry, such as clothes, jewelries, shoes, handbags, and other accessories. Details like brands, styles, colors, and scent are good starting points. A rule of thumb, get a very good look at her physical appearance, figure out what she already own and whether they like those or not (preferably an indirect approach). Generate a list of things she own and likes, and use them as guideline for your gifts criteria. Buy things that are either similar or a more updated version to the things on your list.
  2. "Annoying" behaviors. Women are constantly making a scene, particular in front of their men, to draw attention and giving out clues. She might talking about certain handbags at a time, admiring a pair of shoes displayed in a particular shop, referencing an article in a trendy magazine, or complimenting someone's living room, etc. It may sound easy to catch, but in reality, men just can't remember every single detail in their women's life. The simple solution is that try to remember as many as you can, and ONLY use them as reference to the list of things that I mentioned in the point I made above. Keep in mind that these "annoying" behaviors are clues, but not very reliable: women love to give mixed message to confuse you, and they enjoy the fact that their men are squeezing the last bit of brain power to figure out their true intention, which is likely some kind of emotion that neither men nor women really understand.
  3. Common sense. There are things that are common sense to women which are not very much self-explanatory to men. Women don't like appliance such as vacuum cleaners, toaster-ovens, and sewing machines or similar products simply because they don't want to be reminded about working, and would like to be pampered and treated like a queen. Giving cosmetic products or cookware is also dangerous unless you are experts on these things. Clothes and shoes must not make them look fat, skinny, or short (maybe tall as well), so go back to the first of my reference points and observe.

Having list these three main reference points, I hope you can get some clue of what to do and find out what is the best gift for your lady. Good luck to you all.