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How often have you seen gift ideas for him, for her, for kids, for dad, for mom ... yadda yadda yadda.  While some of these suggestions may be valid, the categories are just too vague to be helpful.  Who is HER or HIM? May as well go back 50 years and use stereotypes to choose gifts!

And why are Christmas gift suggestions different from birthday gift suggestions? Unless it's poinsettias or fruitcake (yuck), they shouldn't be different.  Instead of looking at WHY you are buying a gift, really focus on WHO the gift is for when considering ideas. It's our individual differences that make us who we are and dictate the kinds of things we enjoy.   

Therefore, to get quality gift ideas, it's important to look at the recipient's personality, lifestyle, or personal situation when picking out a gift.  In doing so, the gift search is more likely to result in a gift that will be appreciated.  

But all we can do is offer gift ideas.  We can't decide what will be the best gift... the magic is in you.



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