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Subtlety The Key To Success With Online Dating and Google Adwords

On the surface, online dating and Google Adwords appear to have very little in common. If however, you dig a little deeper, you will find they both have one very important thing in common. Subtle changes in your Google Adwords campaign or your online dating profile can have a huge impact on their success.

Google Adwords, for those of you not familiar with the concept, is a way of advertising on the search results pages when someone does a Google search.Say for example you own an online dating website and you wanted to advertise with Google Adwords. You would select certain key words, determine the price that you are willing to pay per click and start your campaign. Keywords you could use are online dating, internet dating, American singles or single golfers for that matter.On the surface, this approach appears to be very simple.

The truth of the matter is that it can be very frustrating and challenging to mount an effective Adwords campaign. Many people have made a very lucrative living from coaching others on how to be successful using Google Adwords.Depending if you use the words by themselves or place them in quotes, will make a big difference in how your ads will perform. Believe it or not there is a big difference between online dating and dating online.

There are many variables that affect the overall success of the advertising campaign. Subtle changes can make a big difference.The same can be said for online dating.Having success with your online dating profile can be frustrating at times. The important thing to remember is to tweak your profile periodically and make those subtle changes that can make a big difference.

Like Google Adwords, there are many subtle changes you can make with your online dating profile to help increase the response you get from other singles in the online dating world.Make a change to your opening line to help grab people's attention. Try integrating some humor in the opening line or let people know something interesting about you.

Change your picture in your online profile to showcase yourself in a more flattering way. In the body of your online dating profile, describe some of the things you like to do or interesting places you have golfed. Look at other profiles and see what everybody else is saying about himself or herself.

Try to say something unique and different that helps you stand out in the online dating world.If you make small changes to your online dating profile periodically, you are more likely to receive a better response from other singles on the dating site.The same can be said about composing a successful Google Adwords campaign.

.Gary Kelly is co-creator of the online dating website for golfers, http://www.DateAGolfer.com and http://www.PuttingForPar.

com, a golf website specializing in personalized ball markers.

By: Gary Kelly

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Subtlety The Key To Success With Online Dating and Google Adwords - On the surface, online dating and Google Adwords appear to have very little in common.

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