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Classifying the Human Animal

How can human researchers accurately classify human beings? Their bias towards greatness and their exhibited behavior of superiority and egocentricity is quite intense. Many humans believe they are more than mere animals or higher order mammals at the top of the animal classification, they actually believe they are divine beings? Why? Well because they have adopted a belief system, which tells them so, many thru a religion or set of religious literature or doctrines.What we need is a group of non-biased folks to research this and place man into an animal classification where he belongs and then establish a baseline for intelligent species in animals.

And perhaps once we have completed this we can take our data and project then maybe we can put a NASA spin on this subject. Why you ask?.So we can use it in the search of life on other planets? In other words; classifying a certain level of animal as "Intelligent" thus when we find that level of life out there, we can call it intelligent if it is let's say on an "Earth Scale of Animals" Tool using or tool making and above? Or something of this nature, as I think with categories of animals we can continue our search for Intelligent Life and classify the levels of who we meet? Consider this in the search for extra-terrestrial life?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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