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No Flippers Allowed At The Dinner Table

If you are attending a formal affair like a prom, wedding or other black-tie event, tuxedos are the height of formal wear. It is sometimes difficult to know when to wear one and how you go about purchasing one. Tuxedo rentals are a good option if you don't attend too many formal wear occasions or your budget simply won't permit a purchase. Here is when to wear a tuxedo. If you get an invitation that states black-tie invited, black tie, formal, or black tie optional, all of these are suitable events for wearing a tuxedo.Other events such as the symphony, ballet, opera or even a formal dance, or dinner party and reception is a suitable venue for your tux.

Protocol sometimes calls for you to wear one at a formal restaurant for dinner, as some people seem to think you need to be dressed as well or better than your waiter. Purchasing a tuxedo for prom night may prove to be useful as a tuxedo can be used for several years and various occasions.Tuxedo rentals have their benefits, but also purchasing a quality garment tailored to fit you can be a rewarding experience! When it comes to cummerbunds, socks and accessories, try to stay traditional and keep it simple for the most elegant and timely look. Single-button styles are usually the most flattering and double-breasted styles look best on trimmer men.

It doesn't hurt as well to rely on a formal-wear salesperson when it comes to tying your tie or choosing a cummerbund to match the fabric of your jacket. Tuxedos come in different styles such as single-breasted peak, which is usually the most traditional, double-breasted, shawl collar which is flattering for heavier men, three buttons, and notched collar. Most of all remember to have fun at your next formal event!.

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By: Terry Price

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