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Use Saw Palmetto to Regrow Hair and Say Goodbye to a Thinning Hairline

Saw palmetto has been used for ages to treat certain health conditions. Because of the expensive medications being sold in the market, a lot of people turn to the use of herbs as an alternative treatment. Not only are natural treatments cost-effective, but they are very helpful as well. Before, experts only suspected the effectiveness of saw palmetto in treating hair loss but in recent studies, saw palmetto can actually regrow hair.

Male and female can use saw palmetto to treat their hair loss problem. Science can explain better how saw palmetto works. According to scientific studies, saw palmetto works by inhibiting the production of DHT.

In short, the herb is considered as a DHT blocker or inhibitor. Testosterone produces DHT and what saw palmetto does is to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Saw palmetto is available in oral supplements or you can use the fresh herbs and apply it directly on your scalp. It would be best to conduct a research online and find out the top quality saw palmetto supplements sold in the market. If you want to restore your beautiful healthy hair, you don't need to think about the supplement's cost because if you're trying to look for cheap and discounted products, you will end up with low quality saw palmetto supplements. Now, aside from addressing the hair loss problem, saw palmetto can also be used by men with prostate problems.

It can help in reducing the prostate's size and maintain its health. The Native Americans used the herb for curing urinary problems. No wonder saw palmetto is still being used today. Its effectiveness has been seen throughout many years. You can take care of your prostate's health and at the same time prevent or reduce hair loss and regrow hair.

Some customers even claim that saw palmetto is far better than commercial products in the regrowing of hair and reduction of hair loss. Further studies are still being conducted to test the effectiveness of saw palmetto but even though the studies are still ongoing, a lot of manufacturers are already producing saw palmetto formulas to address the hair loss problem all over the world. If other people have tried using saw palmetto, then why don't you? Well of course you need to consult your doctor first. This is a pre-requisite before taking any form of medication or treatment.

By doing so, the doctor can identify the cause of your hair loss and give the appropriate treatment. You must always remember that until now, no cure has been found for hair loss or alopecia. Hair loss sufferers are greatly dependent on the hair loss remedies that are being offered in the market today. You can choose among the natural remedies, cosmetic products and surgery, and the medications. If you're not sure about the medications for hair loss, you can always use saw palmetto because it is an all-natural remedy. This is a great alternative for people who want to restore their hair the natural way.

Saw palmetto to regrow hair? Why not? Consult your doctor now and ask if you can use saw palmetto. You can shop online for commercial supplements of the herb or you can visit your local stores for fresh saw palmetto herbs. Follow the directions on how to use the herb and you're always on the safe side.

About the author: John Tulley manages the Provillus Alpha7: hair loss treatments web site. Our web site has more detailed advice and information on using saw palmetto to regrow hair and the best natural treatment to help regrow thinning hair.

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