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Planning the Perfect Wedding Gift List

by: H Porter

Considerations for a gift list - what should you be focusing on?

With society changing so are the ages of people getting married, this means that there are now many stages when you may or may not need things. Our quick guide should help you work out which type of gift list bride or groom you are and some pointers on where to focus your list...

1) Require the basics - just starting out in every-way

When it comes to a dinner service or cutlery make sure you get enough either 6 or 8 place setting - remember there is nothing worse than getting a set and unable to add to it!

2) Want to upgrade our basics to worthwhile collection - Common amongst couples who have not lived together and have combined possessions

Some items in the outdoor lifestyle area may apply here, perhaps planters, lanterns, chrome garden heaters, decking set & barbecues.

3) The couple who have everything - Common around couples in their mid to late 30's who have been living together for a while

Gift experience vouchers are perfect, these are things you would never buy for yourself such as a champagne balloon flight, driving a fast car or scuba diving lessons?

4) Starting Over - The Gift list for those who have been married before

Although you may not want to Guests will still want to buy you a gift, so if you want to avoid a range of uncoordinated presents you should think about a gift list.

Top 5 tips

  1. About a third of your list should be under £25, with large sets broken up so you can allow a few people to purchase the items
  2. Quality is better than quantity - focus on a few areas and then you are sure to get everything you ideally want
  3. Shop around, there are a range of gift lists make sure you work with a company who have an online channel it makes it much simpler to administer
  4. Sets are great but try and choose ones which are not limited editions so you can add to your collection
  5. Don't get greedy, your guests will see it a mile off!

Gift List checklist and Browser

Pots & Pans

Cutlery -Remember you will need at least a 24 piece set which will cater for 6, if you have a large wedding party try and push for a set for 8 people. You can set your gift list up to separate the set and therefore the cost could be split amongst a few guests!

Crockery - see our pointer above the same rule applies

Kitchen Electrics - If you don't have a toaster or a kettle don't be afraid to put them on your gift list but only put them down once! Worth while considering other equipment like juicers, blenders & mixers.

Glassware - remember tumblers, tall highball and champagne flutes should be on the list get a high quality glass and perhaps a simple design so you can add to your collection without it standing out. at least 6 of each is suggested.

Kitchen Knives - A good set of knives and a knife sharpener are worth their weight in gold every good kitchen should have them!

Bed Linen - remember you need t least 2 for the master bedroom and hen 1 set for each other bedroom in the house

Pillows & Duvets - If you are not planning to use them for a while but still want them how about adding duvet storage covers in as well?

Bathroom essentials - bath towels, guest towels, accessories these are some perfect gifts for smaller items to cater to all your guests

General lifestyle - scatter cushions, rugs, mirrors, vases, picture frames & ornaments. Some people go for objects that will remind them of their wedding day.

Garden - Plants, planters, lighting, lanterns, table, chairs, outdoor crockery, heaters, sun shades, outdoor heathers and lets not forget a barbecue.

Gift Experience or Travel Vouchers

Electronics - DVD players, playstations and games consoles, TV's and Sky Packages are now common items on a list


If you are getting married and planning your "big day", congratulations. However, you probably realize that there are lots more to arrange than simply get a nice wedding dress. Gift giving will be part of your headache, and you'll better know about it. We have prepared this little note that hopefully will help you getting to the right direction.

First of all, you need to know who you need to buy gifts for. Top on the list is your other half. Yes, he/she is the hardest of all recipients: this gift is usually given right after the wedding and before you hit the road to your honeymoon. It should be a very personal and romantic gift, so read our section on how to buy a romantic gift for your partner.

Your bridesmaids (and his groomsmen) are also entitled to receive gifts from the marrying couple. They are the biggest contributors to your wedding, and they deserve good thank-you gifts. Your gifts to them should reflect how much they are to you. For instance, most of the time, maid of honor and the best man get different gifts from the others, and may be more valuable and personalized. However, if the showers or parties are relative smaller, you can individualize all the gifts you send to everyone. Traditionally, bridesmaids get their gifts at a luncheon or party held before the wedding day, and the groomsmen get their gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Nowadays, you can present these gifts at the best time that works for you.

You should also present gifts to your parents to show appreciation for all they have done in raising you as well as family ties. A gift to your parent-in-law would be surprise but well appreciated for good gesture.

Lastly, you should send a gift to everyone who has contributed to your wedding: your cousins who helped you with flowers, friends who present special congratulations, etc. A gift will always be appreciated and shared with joy.

Remember to send thank you cards to all people helped in your wedding within 3 months after your wedding. Also, send thank you cards to whoever sends wedding gifts to you. Read more on how to write thank you card.

Tips for the attendants

Attendants to wedding events are welcomed to bring gifts to the wedding couple. However, not all events require gifts and there are different rules for different events.

Engagement party is loosely organized, and not everyone bring gifts to the couple. Wedding couples are not expected to open gifts since gifts are not mandatory.

Bridal showers attendants are expected to bring gifts to the bride. Gifts are usually something that does not have much monetary value, but rather more memorable to good old times. This is because that bridal shower is considered very sensual and personal and all the attendants should be people who are very close. (More important is that they will send another gift for the wedding as well-sending only one gift will not be appreciated)

Bachelor party attendants are rather easy. They are ok if not present with gifts, mostly because no one keep recording these things, and guys are easier to get away for not bringing a gift. But if you are the groomsmen, gifts are always good gesture to support your best bud.

Wedding gifts are presented to the couple's address directly, and NOT at the reception of the ceremony and wedding party. However, if you are presenting a monetary gifts such as cash or check, you can enclose that in an envelope and presented at the reception in discreet fashion (unless in an Asian wedding, where monetary gifts are preferred and welcomed at the reception). You can always find out what the couple are looking for from their wedding registry, if something fit in your budget, you will be much appreciated to present the gifts. If you like to give something else from the listed items, make sure they are thoughtful and creative that most couple will appreciated. There are many wedding gifts ideas and advices on the Internet, have a good understanding of what you are getting will surely help you to present a good gift.